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Savage Boats Inc.

Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania

First evidence of the Savage Boat Company dates to July 1960 when the company held an open house during the weekend of July 16th and 17th to attract investors. Attendees viewed the 16' Savage Adventurer model and had the opportunity to purchase stock in the company headed by Harold Allen (see 1960 ads and article below).

The company apparently faced financial trouble in early 1961 and urgently sought additional capitol to produce boats for the Spring buying rush (see 1961 news article #1 below). The company may have been successful in finding capitol because The Indiana Gazette reported production had started in Sept. 1961 and a boat had been exhibited at the 1961 Chicago National Boat Show (see 1961 news article #2 below).

The Pennsylvania Securities Commission Annual Report 1963/1964 notes Savage Boats Inc. entered receivership on April 30, 1962 and remaining assets were sold to a group of former investors incorporated as "Renoco".

Not much is known from the company after this period except for a 1967 ad for Savage American boats by a boat dealer, Boat House Marine of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania and Maypole, a large dealer in the Chicago area. A surviving boat has been found with the logo "Savage American" and appears very similar to some models of Span America Boats.

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