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Rose Boats

Rose Fiberglass Boat Co.

Pleasant Ridge Industrial District

Knoxville, Tennessee

First mention of this company has been found in a listing of new plants and expansions in the 1959 Editor & Publisher Market Guide (p. 406). The May 1959 issue of Popular Boating has a photo of the Rose 15' Station Wagon model. The January 1962 issue of MotorBoating magazine lists the Rose Fiberglass Boat Co. as a builder of outboard-powered catamaran hull boats. The firm was subsequently listed in the Jan. 1965 and 1968 issue of Boating magazine as making four models, the "Station Wagon Deluxe", "Open Sportsman", "Tri-Cat", and "Bahama".

Very little other information is available about this company. If you have additional information such as original literature or ads, please contact us so that we may help preserve and share the history of these old boats.

Rose Boats in Use

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