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Richard C. Cole

19701 Whispering Pines Rd.

Miami, Florida

Richard C. Cole was an important naval architect based in Florida. He designed boats for many companies including Imperial, Thunderbird, Fitts Industries, Ferbend, St. Cloud Marine Mfg. Co., Yellow Jacket and Weymouth Industries, Ltd.

Innovative designs like the late 1950's Thunderbird Miami lead many to credit Richard C. Cole for creating the cathedral hull design along with John A. Woodson ("Woody" Woodson). More information is available on the Thunderbird in an article written by Richard Cole himself.

Many designs by Richard C. Cole were filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office and can found by searching "Richard C. Cole" at the following link:

For more information on Richard C. Cole, see the excellent article written by his son, Michael R. Cole, at History with Heart:

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