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Rexcraft Boats

Consolidated General Products, Inc.

611 W. 22nd St.

Houston, Texas

In 1958, Rexcraft included among their lineup a 14' "Ranger" and 16' "Crusader" model. In 1959, Rexcraft offered a 16' "Regent" model.

Charles McGill, a former Lone Star Boats engineer and executive moved to Houston in September 1956. An aluminum salesman who was a mutual contact put him in touch with the president of Consolidated General Products who was interested in getting into boat-building. McGill got the operation off the ground by designing several models and hiring another former Lone Star employee to operate the shop. After about a year, he left the company and got into business with Powell Awbrey of Anchortite, Inc. and formed Jayhawk Marine, Inc..

1958 Information

Rexcraft Boats in Use

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