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Pacific Mariner Boats

Pacific Marine Supply Co.

1213-1223 Western Ave.

Seattle, Washington

In 1959, Ted Jones, a designer of high-performance race boats, announced he would be starting the Pacific Marine Supply Co. to commercially build pleasure boats for the public. Bill Muncey stood in as acting general manager to get the company started building "rapid runabouts", catamarans, and racing hulls. His pilot organization, "Ted Jones Craft" was building an F-Class cabover hydroplane; the same hull which Hugh Entrop made the world record straight-away record in 1958. Production for Pacific Marine Supply Co. would begin with a catamaran model. Ted Jones used as a prototype for a new runabout model his Feel of Flight 17' three-point runabout hull. Plans were also made to produce A-B and C-D class hulls similar in design to his F-hydroplane. Also, he planned to make his own designs for the APBA limited classes. Plans for the boats would be available for sale as well. Address was given as 521 Holden Street, Seattle, Washington (Jan-June 1959 Popular Boating).

Prior to forming the Pacific Marine Supply Co., Ted Jones dabbled in commercial pleasure boat design by creating the Bell Boy Bikini hydroplane for Bell Boy Boats. Because of problems, however, the boat was never produced commercially.

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Pacific Mariner Boats in Use

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