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Orrcraft Mfg. Co.

Orrville, Ohio

Not much is known about this company. Apparently they built aluminum and later fiberglass models. Some models were outboard motor boats, others were sailboats. In 1955, they build 19' Pistol Class centerboard sloops in addition to other models. The aluminum outboard models were V-hull type, brightly polished with welded hulls. Gunwales were riveted and trimmed in stainless steel.

1952 Orrcraft Outboard Boat Models

Name or Number
Outboard (Out)
Inboard (In)
Type Length
(ft. & in.)
(ft. or in.)
Max HP Max Speed Seating
Weight Hull
S-14 13'0" 8 5 225 All Al.
M-14 13'0" 8 5 225 All Al.
S-12 11'8" 8 4 165 All Al.
M-12 11'8" 8 4 165 All Al.

Orrcraft Boats in Use]

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