OMC Boats: Trailers and Accessories

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OMC Boats: Trailers and Accessories

When OMC set out to enter the boat market they did so with the intent of offering a complete package. In the late 50's and early 60's, one typically bought a boat that may or may not have come with basic deck hardware. The dealer would usually sell and install the hardware they sold...which is why there's very little consistency with regard to deck fittings on FiberGlassics. One of the first exceptions to this came to market in 1961 when Scott (McCulloch) offered a completly outfitted boat including motor and trailer.

OMC wanted their boats to be as easy to buy and use as a car. To that end, they built trailers in the same Waukegan Illinois plant where the boats were built. The trailers were custom designed for the boats and well built. One outstanding feature of the trailer is the single lever up front that raised and lowered the trailer as well as activated the tilt. It was the creation of Ralph Lambrecht - chief engineer for the entire project.

This section also contains the accessories - although there wern't many options. A trolling motor bracket was available, convertible tops that also extended to full camping covers, boarding ladders and so forth. If you have any material specific to accessories, please contact me - Finboats@Gmail.Com - regarding inclusion.

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