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George O'Day Associates, Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts

George O'Day, a famous racing sailor, formed O'Day Associates to sell boats made by other manufacturers. In 1958, the corporation began designing and manufacturing boats. O'Day sold a few models made by Fairey Marine such as the Finn, Atlanta, Jolly, Firefly, Cadet, and 505. By 1960, it had purchased Marscot Plastics of Fall River, formerly of New Bedford. See the link below for additional history:

Additional History

In 1958, Ray Hunt, a noted sailboat designer, drew up the 22 ft 8 in. V-hull inboard "Hunter" model for O'Day Associates. (For more information and an image, see Sports Illustrated, January 26, 1959). This may have been the design leading to the Hunter 19 outboard tested by Mercury in 1959.

A 23' fiberglass Hunt model powered by 2- 80 HP Volvo Aquamatics participated in the 1960 Miami-Nassau race, piloted by James R. Wynne. The boat was called the Aqua Hunter and finished second behind Richard Bertram's Moppie.

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