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Mishey Custom Models

Phoenix, Arizona

George Mishey and his wife, Virginia (Gina) built custom outboard race boats first in Cleveland, Ohio then Phoenix, Arizona. Besides race boats, in 1958 they offered the Mishey Customliner, a 15' fiberglass outboard runabout. Both were accomplished racers. Gina won the 1940 Ohio State championship in midget hydroplane racing in an event in Cleveland, Ohio. George was national champion in Class F hydroplane racing on Lake Mead in 1946. In 1959, the Misheys built a custom 3-point A-B class hydroplane for Dieter Konig, maker of the famous Konig outboard race motors. Konig had previously won the world championship in another Mishey boat. Mishey also supplied boats to Glen Brewster, a high-point hydroplane racing champion. See the 1958 article below for more information on their racing accomplishments.

George started racing in 1925 and started building boats in 1930. Gina raced for eight years, retiring before their move to Phoenix in 1943.

Besides building boats, the Misheys were Mercury outboard motor dealers.

1958 Information

Mishey Boats in Use

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