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Marscot Boats

Palmer Scott & Co., Inc.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

This innovative company began building wood sailboats in the 1930's and expanded to include making fiberglass boats in the 1950's. Their fiberglass boats were large, sea-going boats for the near-shore fisherman or recreationist. This puts the company among the first fiberglass boat builders.

Later on, Marscot Plastics appears as a separate division within the company. Palmer Scott & Co. later merged with Beetle Boats to form American Boat Building Corp. and finally with O'Day and Associates. More information is available at the Dolphin 24 sailboat website:

1952 Marscot boat models

Name or Number
Outboard (Out)
Inboard (In)
Type Length
(ft. & in.)
(ft. or in.)
Max HP Max Speed Seating
Weight Hull
22 Day Boat In 22 7'6" 28 Fiberglas
22 Cruiser In 22 7'6" 26 Fiberglas
22 Bass In 22 7'6" 30 Fiberglas
18 Bass In 18 6' 30 Fiberglas
Wood Pussey Cat 13'6" 6'9" Wood
Palmer Scott Sloop Sloop 13'6" 6' Wood
Smyra Sloop 19' 6' Wood
Hurricane Sloop 19' 6'8" Wood
Weasel Cat 11'6" 5'6" Wood

1957 Information

1958 Information

1959 Information

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