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Hydro-Mite Boats

Hydro-Mite Sports Boats, Inc.

P.O. Box 931

7301 S.W. 133 Terrace

Kendall, Florida

Roland Sockol was president of Hydro-Mite Sports Boats, Inc. according to a Nov. 12, 1965 article in the Miami News. At the time of the article he was expanding the company to a new facility planned to produce 130 boats per week. His company is believed to have gone bankrupt sometime in the late '60s. The same style of boats re-emerged as Sea Jeep Boats.

A different style of Hydro-Mite Boats with a hydroplane-style design were pictured in the April 1964 issue of Popular Science. This boat was sold by B.A.R. Fibre Glass Corp., West Main Street, Carpentersville, Illinois.

These boats were reportedly used by Frank Sinatra and James Colburn in the films "Tony Roma" and "In like Flint".

Hydro-Mite Boats in Use

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