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Fleetcraft Corp. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania also has been found from at least 1949-1951. This was a manufacturer of plywood outboard boats from 12' to 16' (Yachting, Vol. 87, Pg. 117, 1950). Another mention of this company was found in a Celanese Plastics ad from the Jan. 13, 1954 Los Angeles Times. The company was also listed as Fleetcraft Inc. of Palmyra, New Jersey in a Feb. 3, 1956 Celanese Plastics ad from the Chicago Tribune.

The 1965 to 1971 model information below lists Fleet Craft Boats made by Flotilla Corp., Airport Rd., Woodbine, New Jersey. This brand may or may not be related to the earlier Fleetcraft Boats. An entirely unrelated company made Fleetcraft Boats in California.

Model Information

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