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Firefly Boats

Klopstock & Samson Manufacturing Company

1045 Terminal Way

San Carlos, California

Also found listed as Klopstock and Samson Furniture Mfg., Co. The company filed for the "Firefly" trademark for boats on Oct. 6, 1958; this was cancelled in April 1963 (Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office. Vol. 745, Aug. 1959; & Vol. 789, Apr. 1963). The trademark registration certificate #683,939 listed March 1958 as the first use of this trademark in commerce.

History by Robert Lawrence

The Firefly Boat was made by Klopstock & Samson MFG. in San Carlos Ca. They were only made for a short time, probably from 1957 to the early 1960's. I believe they made three outboard models, all were the same length however, just interior changes. They did make a few larger inboards powered by Chevrolet 283 engines.I think these were approximately 21' long.

They never made a kit boat. I believe their boats were three quarter inch plywood bottoms, and entire boat was covered with fiberglass. The decking as I recall was Fiddle Back Mahogany on most.

There main business was furniture, they were a well established business in San Francisco for many years, before relocating to San Carlos.

Firefly Boats in Use

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