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Eltro Boats

Eltro Boat Company

Islip, Long Island, New York

This company was well-known for its performance in outboard boat marathon races in the early 1960's.

In 1961, the company raced a 17.5' Eltro outboard runabout in the third annual Around Long Island Marathon. The boat finished third with the fourth fastest time and among the only 7 boats completing the race of the 24 who started. Dick Bertram's Glass Moppie handily won the race, with only two other 30' boats doing better than the comparatively little Eltro powered by a 50 HP Mercury outboard motor.

Nick Chapman piloted the boat. He was an experienced boat racer from Mastic Beach, Long Island. One of the four employee-owners of Eltro Boats, Gene Reinhardt, 25 years old at the time, was the mechanic. They used 73 of the 75 gallons of fuel onboard. The same boat won the 1961 Miami-Nassau Race in the outboard division (September 1961 Motor Boating Magazine). In 1963, Eltro set a new course record with a 19' Eltro powered by twin Mercury 100 HP motors. In 1964, Bill Reinhardt was president of Eltro Boats and served as the vice-president for the Around Long Island Marathon Association.

Eltro Boats in Use

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