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Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Woodridge, New Jersey

Utica, Michigan

Curtiss-Wright's Utica-Bend Division offered Mercedes Benz marine diesel engines including the OM-636 36 HP, OM-321 96 HP, and OM-326 175 HP motors. Another unit, the Marquette Division offered the Wheelsman "controlled-power steering" system.

According to the 1959 ad below, the following manufacturers offered the Wheelsman power-steering system as standard or extra cost: Aluma Craft, Dorsett, Glasspar, Larson, Lyman, MFG, Span America, Squall King, Thompson Bros, Trojan, and Whitehouse.

1957 Information

1958 Information

1959 Information

1960 Information

Curtiss-Wright Hardware in Use

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