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Crest Marine Hardware Co., Inc.

444 Clementina St.

San Francisco, California

This company made hardware for recreational boats. Also found listed at 2222 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles California. Crest Marine filed a trademark on Apr. 8, 1957 for "Jet Line" marine hardware. This trademark was registered Sept. 2, 1958 and listed first use in commerce of "Jet Line" for marine hardware to be Sept. 24, 1956. The 1958 ad below lists a general catalog of Jet-Line Marine Hardware, so more items may have been available than listed below.

According to a 1960 article in Western Metalworking (Vol. 18, pg. 89), Crest Marine Hardware Co. was a division of Airtek Dynamics, Inc., a missile industry contractor. In that year, Airtek moved to a plant at 18201 S. Santa Fe Ave., Compton, California which would house its operations and those of its two divisions which previously had separate facilities. The other division was named Research Welding and Engineering.

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