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Aerojet Vee-Drive Marine Engine

Aerojet General Corp.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Advertised as a lightweight marine engine, the Aerojet was a 26.5 HP, 220-lb., vee-drive unit with reverse and reduction drive, sold complete with shaft, rudder, rudder mount, steering cable, ammeter, and oil pressure gauge. In 1954, the unit was offered at the list price of $695.00. The motor was derived from the 4-cylinder Crosley automobile engine, the tooling and production rights of which were bought by Aerojet after the auto company ended production. Aerojet was offered as a kit and as standard equipment by some boat manufacturers such as Lone Star (see brochure below). It was reported to drive boats up to 30 mph and save 50% of fuel costs relative to comparable outboard motors. The business was eventually taken over by Fageol. (Popular Science, May 1954; The Rudder, Volume 70: 1954; Atlantic Fisherman: Jan 1, 1954)

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