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Resurrection of a Lonestar Meteor: When the World of Wheels car show reached Calgary in 2010, Brad Lake had a surprise waiting. Behind his fully restored 1956 Corvette was a color matched, perfectly restored, and equally beautiful 1956 Lonestar Meteor...


Forgotten Fiberglass: The Glasspar G2: I recently had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Hacker of The subject matter of his website is one all fans of Fiberglassics® can appreciate; his research - and love - of the little known and short lived one-off fiberglass car craze of the 1950s...


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Cadillac Sea Lark: The first image that comes to mind when most people hear the word Cadillac, is usually a big squishy luxury automobile with power everything and, in terms of classic cars, big tail fins.

In 1957, there was another kind of Cadillac.

Heather Babecki

Heather Babecki, owner of Spookeay Marine in Coosa County, Alabama doesn't think twice about being one of the few women in a field absolutely dominated by men. In her twenty years of working on boats, she's learned that the best way to deal with someone who thinks her gender is a hindrance is to simply ignore it.


“If a wise man and a fool are arguing on a street corner, and you walk by; you can't tell which one is wise and which one is the fool,” she explained. “It's not worth arguing about.”

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