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Watermaster Boats

The Fiberglass Boat Co.

Somerset, Pennsylvania

In March 1959, the Fiberglass Boat Co. bought the tools and dies of Kiski Plastics, Inc. of Blairsville, Pennsylvania, makers of Kiski Kraft Boats. The Kiski Kraft model was marketed as the Fiberglass Boat Co. Deluxe Runabout. (see 1959 article below). In a 1961 brochure not listed here, The Fiberglass Boat Co. marketed Waterspeed Boats (see trademark registration below).

Kiski Plastics, Inc. began as Mandish Plastics of Spangler, Pennsylvania, owned by Ted O. Mandish, until it moved to Saltsburg, Pennsylvania early in 1956. Mandish Plastics began in January 1955 making plastic boats and automobile bodies. (see 1955 and 1956 articles below).

An unrelated company, Marine Craft & Mfg. Co. of America made Water Master plywood skiffs and utilities in Chicago, Illinois after WWII.

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