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  • The following indexes may be of assistance when browsing the Classic Boat Library: ...unique design qualities common to those eras. For example, a large finned boat from the 50's identifies a style that was found in cars, boats and other pr
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  • ...xt one is a photograph of the first production model built, displayed at a boat show in Detroit, the city from which I purchased mine. Below that is a gree ...refully consider design changes for the following years refinement of this boat, in 1959 it would no longer have two headlights......
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  • Bob just what was the relationship between [[Glastron]] and the Redfish Boat Company. I mean, there was more than just a passing resemblance. No sooner ...y Redfish file was a single page flyer of the 1963 Regal 17 by the Redfish Boat Company/Iola Molded Plastics, Inc. of Iola, Kansas. This was an interesting
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  • fiberglass center deck or molded-in seats of the seats of the earlier models. ...Swedish engineer from Volvo to assess the motor's performance (April 1960 Boat & Motor Dealer).
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  • This company made a range of boarding ladders, seats, and even a windshield for boats. [[Category:Boat Hardware & Accessories]]
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  • Dunphy Boat Corp. [[Speedway/Dunphy|Speedway Trailers, Inc.]] was a division of Dunphy Boat Corp.
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  • ...offered a small 13'3" fiberglass runabout with integral molded fiberglass seats.
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  • ...e, successful businessman and pioneer in the early years of the fiberglass boat industry. Thanks goes to the family of Curt Herberts Jr. for providing phot In 1955, Wizard received approval to build a 100x120-foot fiberglass boat manufacturing plant in Costa Mesa (Los Angeles Times, May 22, 1955).
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  • Bell Boy Boat Co.<br> ...ham Bay. A significant pioneer in pleasure boat manufacturing was Bell Boy Boat Company, generally acknowledged to be the first producer of all-fiberglass
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  • a specialized understanding of fiberglass, which was relatively new for boat hulls, especially larger yachts which is what Willis had in mind. Willis w ...and won the 1959 Miami to Nassau race, not only being the first fiberglass boat to win, but setting a new race record of 8 hours and four minutes -- trimmi
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  • Cliff. S. Hadley was a boat racer and custom boat builder first in located on Long Island, New York and later near St. Peters ...well qualified as a consultant and during the show is prepared to discuss boat problems with all comers. Mr. Hadley designed the Buckeye II, which won the
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  • ...s, outriggers, fishing chairs, boat seats and cushions, propellers, masts, boat cradles and navy tops. The application listed first use of the "Striker" ma File:Strikerbb001.jpg|1960 to 1962 Striker inboard boat models
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  • ...del is just called a Runabout. They were designed listed as a fish and ski boat designed for river use. floor. The seating was driver and passenger, back to back fold down seats.
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  • ...timeline. It’s a fascinating story not only about some great innovative boat designs, but also about the people who made it all possible and the highs a ...never even ridden in a boat let alone built one. Nevertheless, this small boat company powered by innovative ideas and hardworking country folks made a na
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  • File:Woodruffa58001.jpg|1958 Woodruff Boat Tops Ad [[Category:Boat Tops]]
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