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History coming from Bill Roberts shortly.

Dorsett Plastics Corp.

845 Reed St.

Santa Clara, California

Later located at 1955 Lafayette St. and then 2550 Scott Blvd in Santa Clara. Additional location in 1010 Dewey St., Bremen, Indiana and also Cambridge, Maryland.

According to the history below, Dorsett Plastics Company began producing Endura Craft boats in 1955. In 1958, the line became Dorsett Boats. Richard W. Dorst, (Dick), company president was a US Navy veteran, University of California graduate engineer, and alumni of the Harvard Business School. Before founding the company, he had seven years experience in reinforced plastics and the chemical industry. At the time of the article, Leonard L. Epsich was general manager and James D. Maloney general sales manager of the Bremen plant; James Hansen general manager of the Santa Clara plant, and John B. Moore Jr. general manager of the Cambridge, MD plant. John B. Moore Jr., a naval architect, worked eight years for Owens Corning before coming to Dorsett. In 1960, Dorsett was acquired by Textron, Inc. in 1960 for 115,000 shares of common stock in Textron, valued at $2,616,250 (June 13, 1960 New York Times). According to the same article, 1959 Dorsett sales totaled $2,800,000 and were projected to sell $3,000,000 for the 1960 fiscal year ending Aug. 31. The company was retained as the Dorsett Marine division with all management.

Sierra Performer Boats of Oroville, California

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