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Biesemeyer Boats

2946 East McDowell

Phoenix, Arizona

W. E. "Rusty" Biesemeyer began in the boat-building business in about 1953 in partnership with Milton Edgar. Prior to entering into business, they had built boats as a hobby. By 1959, he had dealers in 11 states. Known for high-performance inboard ski and drag-type boats, their boats competed in water ski events at Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and in the Long Beach to Catalina water ski race. Their production model was a 16' model for outboard or inboard installation.

Biesemeyer also built some experimental models, including the 18' "Que Paso", a 610-HP super-charged drag boat for competing in the Marine Stadium at Long Beach, California.

Not much original literature exists; advertising was limited to Arizona Wildlife-Sportsman magazine and the Phoenix newspaper. For more information, see "The History Of Biesemeyer Boats" by Bill Biesemeyer.

Biesemyer Boats in Use

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