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On the subject of history for Winner, it is a known fact that Winner made the first production fiberglass boats in the United States.

Normally we'd have the history typed on the page for you, but in this case, it's in picture form below.

Winner Boats Inc.

Dickson, Tennessee

Trenton, New Jersey

Formerly: Winner Mfg. Co., Inc. of Trenton, New Jersey

For at least the 1958 model year, Winner used industrial designer John D. Beinert to style their boats (Sept 22, 1957 New York Times).

On December 30, 1959, Winner Boats, Inc. acquired Wizard Boats, Inc. of Costa Mesa, California and renamed their line of boats "Wizard-Winner" for the 1960 model year.

More History:

Misc. Factory images:

Model Information

Undated Brochure

1939 Information

1946 Information

1952 Information

1953 Information

1955 Information

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1957 Information

1958 Information

1958 Miscellaneous

1959 Information

1960 Information

1961 Information

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Winner Boats in Use

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