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Whitehouse Boat Co.

Fort Worth, Texas

Additional plants: Bakersfield, California.

According to a June 20, 1960 article in Barron's Business and Financial Weekly, Whitehouse sold $2,700,000 of products in 1958 and earnings totaled $100,000 in 1959. Many sales were made by producing boats for Sears, Roebuck and Co.

A planned merger by exchange of stock was reported Sept. 1, 1960 in the New York Times between Whitehouse Plastics and Lunn Laminates Inc. of Huntington, New York with the new company retaining the Whitehouse name. The article reported both companies produced boats and that 1959 Whitehouse sales ending Oct. 31 totaled $3,788,000; the next six months totaled $2,950,000. Lunn sold $1,100,000 of products in the same six month period. A following article on Nov. 23 reported the merger failed because of manufacturing problems that could not be resolved in time for the merger to succeed.

An August 21, 1961 article in the Warsaw-Times Union of Warsaw, Indiana reports that Robert F. Meyer, president of Industrial Marine Corp. announced the acquisition of Whitehouse Plastics. The polyester resin and gel coat subsidiary of Whitehouse Plastics was renamed Industrial Marine and Chemicals Company at this time. Whitehouse had purchased the former North American building in Warsaw in 1959 and when Whitehouse was liquidated in 1962 the building was purchased by Brunswick (Warsaw Times-Union July 3, 2003). Brunswick located its administrative division headquarters in Warsaw, producing major parts for assembly in the regional plants in order to save costs (Sep. 28, 1962 Chicago Tribune).

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