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Volvo-Penta Sterndrives

Volvo Import, Inc.

452 Hudson Terrace

Englewood, California

The Volvo-Penta Aquamatic was one of the earliest commercially available sterndrive units in the US (See ad flyer below). Many boat manufacturers redesigned models to accept sterndrive units. Larson Boats, for instance is known to have adopted the Volvo-Penta sterndrives in 1961, advertising the unit as the Larson "Comboard".

James R. (Jim) Wynne, a former employee of Mercury Outboards, was instrumental in the development of the Volvo Aquamatic sterndrive (Sports Illustrated, August 2, 1965). The following patents were taken out in relation to his work on the sterndrive:

Patent number: 3376842, Filed May 11, 1960, Issued Apr 9, 1968

Patent number: 3006311, Filed Jun 15, 1960, Issued Oct 31, 1961

Year Unknown

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