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In the beginning....

In 1903 Star Tank Corporation of Goshen, Indiana, a maker of farm feeders and tanks, decided that their process for making tanks would work well for making metal boats. In 1920 the Star Tank and Boat company was making metal boats. The first aluminum model was introduced in 1952. By 1957 they were making 10 models of aluminum and 6 models of galvanized steel boats under the Starcraft Boat Company name.

It is shortly after this time that they started to also make fiberglass boats. In 1958, three fiberglass models were introduced. By 1962 Starcraft was making 7 models of fiberglass boats, and continue to make aluminum and fiberglass boats to this day.

Note: Starcraft Marine of Topeka, Indiana is the current maker of Starcraft boats, and shares the Starcraft name with 3 other divisions using the Starcraft name in the recreation industry. The Starcraft name seems to be all that has survived many corporate sales and I have not received any information directly from Starcraft Marine about their fiberglass boat history.

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