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Span America Boat Co.

Fort Dodge, Iowa

History Thanks to Lee Wangstead
The Span America Boat Co. was founded by Oral and Willard Musick, former owners of Glass Craft Boats. To fulfill an order for Montgomery Wards' Sea King Boats, the company once partnered with the Fort Dodge Boat Company. Span America built decks and Fort Dodge built hulls as neither could spare the production capacity to complete the order alone.

After the end of Span America Boat Co. in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1962, Span Boats arose in late 1963, early 1964 as being made by Rice Lake Boat Co. in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Model Information

Brochures thanks to Andreas Jordahl Rhude
1958 Brochure

1958 Miscellaneous

1959 Information

1960 Brochure & Ad

1960-1961 Dealer Newsletter

1961 Brochure

1962 Information

1963 Information

1964 Information

1965 Information

1966 Information

Misc. Information

Span America Boats in Use

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