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Scott-Atwater Mfg. Co.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Later purchased by McCulloch Corp. in 1956. Scott-Atwater is notable because this company first introduced outboard motors with forward, neutral, and reverse gear shift. Prior to this innovation, operators had to start the motor in forward and swivel the outboard 180 degrees in order to reverse.

Scott-Atwater outboard motors were also sold by chain stores as Hiawatha (Gambles stores), Wizard (Western Auto stores, and Elgin (Sears, Roebuck & Co.).

For the 1956 boat show circuit, Scott-Atwater commissioned Charles Clarke to design a series of seven concept outboard motors. Existing only on paper, these motors exhibited unique forms of propulsion and power sources including sound waves, hydrogen, solar energy, radial, and turboprop engines (Aug. 20, 1956 Sports Illustrated; Feb 3, 1956 Chicago Tribune). Sports Illustrated asked Brooks Stevens to design a equally innovative line of outboard motors and all the concept motors were shown together in a 1956 Sports Illustrated article (Aug. 20, 1956 Sports Illustrated).

For 1957, Raymond Loewy designed motor covers for the range of Scott-Atwater models. For the 40 HP model, motor covers were available in a range of colors.

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