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Reynolds Metal Company

Marine Division

2052 S. 9th St.

Louisville, Kentucky

Reynolds Metal Company supplied aluminum to a number of boat manufacturers. According to an April 1957 Reynolds magazine ad, this company supplied Aero-Craft, Aqualine, Aqua-Queen, Arkansas Traveler, Blue Star, Cadillac, Crestliner, Cruiser Craft, DuraCraft, Duratech, FeatherCraft, Freeland, Grumman, Lone Star, Lowell, McKenzie, Meyers Sabre Craft, Naden Quality Line, Pioneer, Polar Kraft, Resorter, Rexcraft, Rich Line, Schweizer, Seamaid, Sea Nymph, Seth Smith, Sports-Kraft, Starcraft, Trailorboat, and Vio Holda Boats.

At the 1961 Chicago Boat Show, Reynolds showed an experimental 15' runabout. This boat was unique in that it featured a stretch-formed hull, made in two pieces and welded. The boat was made by the Reynolds product development department as a demonstration of the stretch-formed technique in hopes of attracting the interest of boat manufacturers (May 1961 Modern Metals magazine).

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