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Type a manufacturer name, press enter. (go) If the page is there, you can edit it. Type all you like. If the page is not there, find the "create this page" link in blue. Type what you like.

If you are going to upload images, click the upload images link first. Upload them and remember their names. Most should be named with my original strategy. (e.g. An arenacraft brochure with three pages would have the names: arenacraftb57001, 002, 003, etc. Arenacraft is the manufacturer name, B siginfies brochure, 57 is the year and 00# is the number in the sequence.)

If you upload an image and cannot locate it again, try the "Unused files" page, located within in the "Special pages" category of the toolbox. A direct link to this page is as follows:

To embed photos, use the Aerocraft as a guide.

Then use the tags shown in aerocraft or arena craft sections (when editing one) to see what to do.

For example the code: [[File:Arenacraftlogo.jpg]] will display the file you uploaded called Arenacraftlogo.jpg

the code:


File:arenacraft57b001.jpg | Page 0

File:barracuda001.jpg | Page 1

File:barracuda002.jpg | Page 2

File:barracuda003.jpg | Page 3


will display the brochures or images you uploaded first. Remember, to have this work, the images uploaded must be there first. If you try to upload one with a duplicate name, it should warn you.(note: when using multiple file uploader you will not be warned when replacing duplicate files)

So, pick a section on the main site, copy the history text and place that first. then, right click the brochure images and save the target (original photo) on your computer. Upload them all, then go to town.

make sure to keep the code to "return to main page" at the bottom which is:


Here are some editing instructions from the authors of this software, Wikimedia. found on their site:

  • Wikipedia:How to edit a page [1]
  • Wikipedia:Cheatsheet [2]
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