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Gale Products

Division of Outboard Marine Corp. (OMC)

Galesburg, Illinois

Gale was the third product division of Outboard Marine Corp. in addition to Evinrude and Johnson. Gale outboards were often sold through chain stores as Sea King, Brooklure, Royal, Sea Bee, Hiawatha, or Saber outboards. Though an OMC product, some Gale models differed from contemporary Evinrude and Johnson. For instance, fuel pumps were offered standard far earlier on Gale models than on Evinrude or Johnson models. In 1954, the Gale 12 HP featured styling by famed industrial designer Brooks Stevens. Many of his designs for Gale can be viewed in the Milwaukee Art Museum archive]. The later Gale Sovereign models also showed much investment in styling, including chrome and unique motor hoods. Gale continued as a separate product line up through 1963, the last year for Gale.

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