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TOPIC: 1976 18' Fiberform Project Boat

1976 18' Fiberform Project Boat 4 years 4 months ago #118716

Hello, Gentlemen. I have been reading all of the posts that turned up when I searched "Fiberform", and I thank you for your expertise and knowledge. I have learned a lot just by reading those previous posts!

Last year I purchased an 18' Fiberform with a Volvo-Penta 280 Outdrive. It came with a rebuildable but complete Volvo-Penta 350ci Motor, all for $800. Thus far I have had the long block and heads rebuilt, and have stripped the rotted floor and water-soaked foam that lay beneath. The plan is to install new flooring and foam and build the boat to be a lake and bay fishing and play boat.

So here is my question...the only data plate I can find in the boat is by the throttle/shift control, and gives me passenger and engine/fuel weight limitations. What it does NOT give me is any sort of a horsepower limitation! Where can I find information on what this hull is rated for? The 350 I have is going to be around 300hp, it is probably a little overkill, but I would rather have the power and not need it than the other way around. Please let me know if any of you have any information. Thank you.

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Re:1976 18' Fiberform Project Boat 4 years 4 months ago #118719

k, welcome aboard, glad to have to here. I can't help much on the rated h.p. but I would think you should be fine with 300 as long as your engine stringers are solid. I plan on making the 350 that was in my Century Resorter about 300 horse, and it never came with anything bigger than a straight 6. Bought the boat that way but It's basically a pattern boat so everything is going to be new. My point is the stringers are new with 3/4" ply adhered to the outside for extra support, as was done by the factory when they put v-8's in the later models. As long as you have good solid stringers and a SOLID transom you should be good to go.


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Re:1976 18' Fiberform Project Boat 4 years 4 months ago #118728


Thanks for the help. We had planned on reinforcing the stringers, so thanks for the confirmation that we are heading in the right direction. Transom is solid as can be, and the rest of the boat seems as solid as I can expect for a boat of this age. My boat was pretty well gutted when it came to me, so I also am planning on a much more modern upgrade. All new interior with updated controls and dash, power plant, etc. Pretty well going to re-work the entire thing to fit what I do with a boat...fish as much as possible and entertain the kids the rest of the time. My biggest concern is that the coast guard won't certify the boat with that much power. A close second is that I will end up with a boat that is too powerful and gets sketchy at speed. I have had three different boat shops tell me this will be a 65 or 70 mph boat with this motor, not that I plan on ever going that fast! I guess the true test will be when I get it on the water. Only trials will tell!!


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