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Non Boat Related, Forum for topics not really having anything to do with boats.
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TOPIC: Our house will be paid for in 6 years...

Our house will be paid for in 6 years... 9 years 8 months ago #14977

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... and I don't know that I'll last that long. We live a block behind a small university, and when we bought our house, we were surrounded by families. Now we have a frat house across the street, one two houses down, and another 3 houses down. The frat across the street is one my wife was affiliated with when she was in school, and we've always had a good relationship with them. However, a couple of years ago, the university leveled the houses between the school and our house, and paved the lot. Last week they started chaining off the parking lot on party nights. Tonight my street looks like 6TH street in Austin, circa 1985. It's about that loud as well, but there's a lot more screaming of obscenities.

Last week I was picking up broken beer bottles in my yard after Thursday's parties, and I explained to the guys across the street that if my 3 year old niece finds any broken glass, somebody's going to get hurt. My wife is connected well enough with the alumni that she could make life very difficult for them.

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"...And to see you're really only very small
and life flows on within you and without you..." George Harrison

Re:Our house will be paid for in 6 years... 9 years 8 months ago #14979

Ok here yea go, the salutation to "teenagers", follow the link and either pipe it into your stereo system via the "line-out" on the back of your computer, or in my case I hooked a couple of 15 inch speakers in place of the cute little ones that came with my power woofer....

no need to place speakers out side, seems just opening the window(s) works rather well. :woohoo:

Ear splitter
Select "G" option #2

by the way, you won't hear a thing, so peace and quite is yours to be had, but for the party-ers, it will split their heads in two to the point they will not be able to hear their own music, and it not who has the loudest either because yours is off the charts of what theirs is.

it works real well if you want to keep ALL THE CANDY on Halloween also....

want to give....a teenage a CD of there favorite music...well with a mixer program you can ADD the loop to the music..burn it to a CD and give it to them, I would suggest adding the loop in the areas of the songs you dislike the most, they will love you for it.

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Re:Our house will be paid for in 6 years... 9 years 8 months ago #14993

ROFLMAO...... wish i knew about those skeeter sounds a few years ago.

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Re:Our house will be paid for in 6 years... 9 years 8 months ago #15004

ever want to make up a "Generational Deceleration".

tell yea where this work best...

let say you can't get any straight answers from a teenager...if he/she answered incorrectly...turn it on for 20 or 30 sec.

think of it as "legal shock therapy", and since it non harmful..it can't be considered abuse, just annoying.

I test drove it with out sam knowing it, and I had to ask Genny if sam was complaining about anything...she said huh, yea why so I showed her still with out sam knowing I was turning it on ....

the WTF coming from the living room where golden, and Genny was looking at me with...I can't hear anything what are you doing? so I had to..explain it to her...

also works rather well as a teenagers ALARM CLOCK!

ok maybe the rest of the peace-love-and-smoke generation may not necessarily grip this but I like it.

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