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TOPIC: Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ??

Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ?? 2 years 2 months ago #124794

OK, so some of you'all know I have a 1961 Citation. It was pretty rough when I dragged it home. When I retired I went to work on it. The boat is officially a rest-mod ... Refastened the floor to the fiberglass stringers (expanding molly bolts in a recess flooded in epoxy and tightened down snug. Set on 8" centers longitudinally with the stringers on 7" centers horizontally from the factory. Seems to have stiffened up the boat nicely and no more Pops when you walk the deck :)

Hung a 2008 Honda BF50 tilt motor and built some replacement furniture. Going for that older work boat look, doll'd up a bit. Honda was a disappointment. Not enough power and the wrong noises :(

Will pull that and sell it.

Have a nice used Evinrude 70 looper from 1984 so the boat will resemble a mid-life re-power and make the right noises and smoke :D But, I want to keep the old 1950's OMC "Simplex" two-lever control box I picked up with the motor (throw-in) which uses the early style (pre-1979) cables...

So I'm asking if anyone has experience hooking a post '79 OMC outboard to a early style control box? If so, what cables did you use?

Any help appreciated :)

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Re: Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ?? 2 years 1 month ago #125777

Well the Honda is sold. The Johnsarude 70 has been tidied up and has good used eBay battery cables, etc. Now just need to figure out the control cable thing ...

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Re: Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ?? 2 years 1 month ago #125917

Do you have the original one lever control? It looks as if the cables themselves shouldn't be a problem, the T&T, if it has one, could be. they offered a retrofit apparently for a dual control, although for the later model, not the simplex, but still shouldn't be a problem. Check out these pages, might help. Personally, I need both the diagrams and the unit in front of me to figure this stuff out, so maybe this will help.....

Retrofit page: www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-accessories/index.php?year=1979&model=Remote+Control+1979§ion=Remote+Ctrl+Assy+-+Concealed+Side+Mount+6+-+235&yid=34184&mid=34190&sid=36493

Overall page 1: www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-accessories/index.php?year=1979&model=Remote+Control+1979&yid=34184&mid=34190

Another source: www.boats.net/parts/search/BRP/JOHNSON/1979/70EL79R/parts.html

Good Luck.

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Re:Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ?? 2 years 3 weeks ago #127238

No single lever control. I have a square-box 2-lever Johnson Sea Master control. And I have two (Johnson or Evinrude - same but for color and decal) older oval'ish 2-levert Simplex controls.

The Simplex's came with the big thick cables from the twin hose era. The Ship Master came with more modern thin cables. But I can't find a year for these control boxes.

The early ones I assume are 1950's. The Ship Master is prolly mid-1960's.

Just trying to figure out what cables and what motor ends I need? Control box ends I have. Obviously the 74 and the 78 motors don't shift externally like the Simplex's did originally ...

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Re:Post 1979 motor, early Simplex controls ?? 1 year 11 months ago #128173

OK, rigging done. Ship-Master accepts pre-1979 Teleflex cables. Need to use allen head set screws on the cable clamps in a few places because there are somewhat tight fits. I got some SS allen head set screws at the local hardware store.

The previous owner had run the slotted head screws down tight in the barrels (cable clamps) and then ground them off so they were pretty much useless...

eBay supplied the cable guides (the pieces that actually go to the on-motor linkage), and used good brass cable clamps. The hardware store supplied the allen set screws. Bingo all done :)

Nice thing about the set screws, they are cupped on the end so they bite the wire better w/o having to crank them down too hard :)

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