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Sea KIng 1 year 10 months ago #130709

Yesterday, I went to look at this Sea King that is for sale on the San Francisco craigslist.


I did not buy the boat. He offered to sell it with the trailer and the 15 HP Evinrude for $1000.

Some of the parts on the boat seemed odd. The way the deck is riveted to the hull and the way the dash meets the hull does not seem original. Also the corner brackets on the transom appear to be cut off. I could not find any info on this model of Sea KIng.

What do you guys think?


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Re: Sea KIng 1 year 10 months ago #130718

1K is too much (here in WV anyway. SF is a much more expensive neighborhood) unless the motor runs perfect and the trailer is in near perfect towable condition.

He painted the exterior of the hull, or someone did, and if you LOVE it, if well done, the paint work might add some value.

The OB is probably only 30-35% of rated max HP, guessing a 40-45hp max.

The trailer looks like it might be towable, but not too far. How did the tires, rims and hubs look?

The boat hull and aluminum trim all look like they may have been exposed to saltwater and not well rinsed after. Pitting?

The dash looks about right to me, board may have been replaced but I doubt it. looks like factory location and attachements to me.

The stern transom corner brackets dont look modified in his ad pix, so unless Ivm missing something they seem factory too

It does look like the starboard 1 you posted has a weld on it at the end tying it to the vertical transom skin....

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Re: Sea KIng 1 year 10 months ago #130719

Oh and fit and finish on a 1958 SeaKing wouldnt have been perfect, IMO.

The bow deck rivets appear about right to me. Is that the deck rivets you mentioned?

About 14-14.5ft long?

It will be extremely similar to a 1958 14ft Starcraft, look thru the info for 1 of those.

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Re: Sea KIng 1 year 10 months ago #130729

Yes, those are the rivets that I was referring to. and it is about 14 feet.

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