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In July 1998 this site began an attempt to recognize the style and creativity of the original fiberglass boat designs from the 50's & 60's, plus capture the spirit of a time that has since past. This site honors the pioneering minds that conceived and created these beautiful, never to be made again, classic fiberglass boats. 

Within this site, you will find information on classic fiberglass boats. There are many sections. All libraries, pictures and information are FREE. Enjoy your time here.

 ......because of the people we meet. Last weekend, there was an annual charity event hosted by our city's largest Marina, The Sacramento Marina, which is just about 2 miles from my home. There were many other boat clubs, local brand Keaton boats, Glastron Carlson boats, a beautifully restored '65 Riva, and racing boats, and every year the Sacramento Marina ask the Golden State Glassics if we would like to show our old boats during the Vessels and Vines event, and every year we gladly ablige. So I asked a few friends and we enjoyed a great night of live music, wine drinking, art show, food trucks, and a variety of boats. Most of all just talking old boats in general. Great day and evening with many people in attendance and for a good cause, a local Girls Sea Scouts.

1959 Dorsett Belmont

My friend Norm's '54 Crestliner aluminum boat, which is also for sale by the way. Norm did a great job restoring this old boat with all original wood.

For you Glastron Carlson fans

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We had a great day out on the Illinois River in Channahon at the Big Basin Marina. Mother Nature cooperated and we had perfect weather for a boat show and cook out.

Our host Tom Arambasich with his sister Pam aboard “Aprils Ring” after a high speed spin out on the Illinois.

Tom, thanks for your efforts to make this fine event happen and I hope to participate again next year.

Toms 1987 Switzer GL21 with OMC V8 with a yet to be verified HP rating of somewhere in the 250 range.

Also owned by Tom is this 2008 replica of an 1965 Switzer Playboy “Glory Daze”


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The Board of Directors of The Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) announced today that it has approved a change in its boat classification structure and show eligibility criteria to include certain boats of a more recent vintage under the definition of classic boats. According to Teresa Hoffman, President of ACBS, “The classic boating hobby has evolved and changed considerably since the ACBS last changed these parameters in 2002”. In keeping with the original vision of the founders of ACBS, many boats constructed between 1975 and the year 25 years prior to the current year will be considered as “late-classic”. This new designation applies to both wood and non-wood boats. The new category excludes boats of a certain hull type such as pontoons, inflatables and small personal watercraft.


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I recently judged my first ACBS show. It was an honor to be selected to judge. I joined a team of two other experienced judges. Our team was assigned to judge the outboard boats, both wood and non-wood. We were given the basic judging criteria: all boats are to be judged against their condition when they originally left the factory, and all boats start out as 100 point boats with deductions made where appropriate.


We were assigned to judge 7 boats all together, with two no-shows because of the weather. Point sheets were different for the wood and non-wood, with the main differences being in the judging of the motors and the finishes. No detailed instructions were given as to what deductions should be made for differences in finish from original, but there were automatic deductions for differences in the motors from original. After doing some research online, I did find some documents that called out for certain deductions for certain finishes, but these were not made available to us for use in judging the boats. Most of the deductions that we took were common sense things and we followed the judging check list to keep track of them all.


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It’s possible that the only reason someone has not been to, or even heard of Priest Lake, Idaho, is because of its ‘off the beatin path’ location. Idaho’s Crown Jewel , as they call it, is a scenic 90 miles from Spokane nestled in on the west side of the Selkirk mountains stretching north toward Canada for 28 miles. At the widest spot its about 5 miles across and is dotted with 7 islands boasting some of the northwest finest sandy beaches, campgrounds, and water so pure you can dip your cup in it and drink it.  While visiting, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, at the north end of the lake you can motor up what is called the  thoroughfare,


a one mile scenic waterway that connects the main lake to Upper Priest Lake, a protected scenic area. The beauty of this area is beyond description.
I have been fortunate to have been going to Priest now for around 44 years and helped in starting the wooden boat show up there which has now grown to more than 40 boats every labor day weekend.
Since the woodies were getting all the glory, my brothers and I (all previous wood boat owners) decided that the ‘glassics’ needed some attention and recognition, hence was born the Priest Lake Glassic Boat Show. Last year, our first year, we had a good start with about 15 boats. We paraded around the lake and later had a barbecue dinner at the Priest Lake Marina that hosted the event and will again this year.
This year we hope to attract more boats from all over the northwest and Canada. People heard how fun it was last year and how beautiful it was and are excited to take part.
This year out schedule will be like  this:
Saturday morning from  9am till about 12:30 ish we will display our boats at the docks where the public will cast their ballots for Best Boat, Best Motor, Best of Show, and most potential. We will announce the winners just prior to the parade. Lunch is available at the marina restaurant. Great food! At 1:00 pm we will all jump in our boats and stay together single file as we parade around the south end of the lake for all  the cabin dwellers to enjoy viewing from their docks. At the beginning we’ll make a pit stop for a photo shoot at our Cabin. Everyone will conglomerate around our dock area in their boats. There will be photographers that will take a bunch of good shots that I will forward to all of you later. We wont have time for everyone to take pictures. The hillside will make for some great photo ops looking down at the lake full of our classics. This is the view:


After we parade around and go through the 8 mile island channel we are cutting everyone loose.
Then on Sunday morning we will all meet in the morning and motor all the way up the lake and through the thorofare to Upper Priest Lake. A ‘cant miss’ day. We’ll stop for lunch at Lions Head campground. It’s a beach your boat area but the beach is beautiful fine sand.  
Promising to be a relaxing fun filled weekend, we hope you will consider bringing your Glassic to our show.  Rumor has it that a National boating magazine will be there to do a photo shoot and story on us! For more info and  pics we have a face book page. Facebook.com/PriestLakeGlassicBoatShow  Please contact us  if you plan on coming so we can reserve the dock space for you. There is no charge to participate in the show.  Hope to see you. Doug Miller, better known as the little picker

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